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We cannot do it all by ourselves! We are looking for volunteers to help us with expertise on the cases they know.  

How can I help? 

To contribute, it is simple, you can share information with us using either our form below (on the national socio-political situation, the actor(s) or the measures that are being taken) or download our data collection template and send it back to us After a quick verification from us, your data will be uploaded.  

What are you looking for? 

We look at three levels of information: 

  1. What is the political and legal order in which Covid-19 are taken? For instance, has the parliament been suspended or extraordinary powers been given to the executive? 
  2. Who are the key actors involved? For instance, do we see new committee being created? How about existing ones and the health system? Who makes decisions? Who advises decision makers? 
  3. What is the nature of the measures being taken? We already have great initiatives looking at the contention of the measures, but we want to know more: who took these measures? How are they enacted? What is the timeline? 

We have developed a canvas for sharing data on each of these aspects. 

Do you think our forms are missing something important? Let us know, this is work in progress and we would be happy to include your ideas in the new iteration of our canvas. 

Where do I start? 

You should feel free to tell us anything you want, even if it doesn’t fit in the canvas. If you have a country or case in mind but do not know where to find reliable sources of information, we have listed a series of great websites in the resources section. They are excellent starting points.

Please note that we require contributor to clearly indicate their source for each contribution.

Data collection forms

Online (English only)


Data collection canvas (socio-political situation) – spreadsheet / form


Data collection canvas (actors) – spreadsheet / form


Data collection canvas (measures) – spreadsheet / form


Data collection canvas (socio-political situation) – document

Data collection canvas (actors) – document

Data collection canvas (measures) – document

Canevas de collecte de données (situation socio-politique) – document

Canevas de collecte de données (acteurs) – document

Canevas de collecte de données (mesures) – document


Do feel free to share the project with your friends and colleagues, contributions from everywhere are most welcome.

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